I Miss You So

A story set in sunny Singapore, I wanted to tell a tale of a woman lost in the moment, waiting for her lover to be back in her arms but sadly, to no avail. From her longing looks to her sensual moments, it all aims to tell of how much she misses her.

My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it’s portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect light. I love to wait for the right moment and capture the most beautiful side of things. I’m equally comfortable with both videos and photos and producing stories that are different, darker, sensual and intimate. I’m based in Singapore and I’m always looking for opportunities to create compelling viewer-centric and stylized content for digital platforms — and I’ll take any opportunity to travel!

Nicole Vincenti is a professional model based in Rome (Italy) but available worldwide for personal projects, videos and advertising. She has been shooting for several years and she’s available for portraits, fashion, conceptual and nudes, specialising in fine art and glamour nude works. Besides modelling, she loves drawing, make up and all kinds of art which lets her express herself in a creative way.


Nicole Vincente

Nicole Vincente

Photographer: Terence Lee Ji Long

Website: terence-lee.com

Instagram: @requiem84 and @_art_fotografia

Model: Nicole Vincenti

Instagram: @sadiegrayheart