The Morning Before The Flight

The Morning Before The Flight

The way you look at me makes me feel so alive. It takes away every scar, and every insecurity the undeserving had created in me. I am vulnerable, sexual and free when I’m around you; the divine feminine. So much, that I even forgot what my reality was like before you. I no longer exist without you, But it’s about that time I have to go home. The purist emotion I have experienced was nearing the end… So for what it’s worth let me give you what’s left of me.

Masonwabe Mesatywa


Adriana is South African born, but she is of Chinese, Mozambican, Italian and Scottish descent. Presently studying International Business Management in Miami,Florida. She uses modeling as a form of expression. Adriana transitioned from humble beginnings to a more affluent lifestyle. Which resulted to an over all troubling and erratic upbringing. She deals with her past via her artistic expression in carefully curated photo shoots.


My name is Masonwabe Mesatywa. I was born in a town called Umthatha in the Eastern Cape.( South Africa)

It was through my travels- up and downs for holidays. that I found the love for photography, memories shared along the way need to be documented hence they quite depressing when they are gone. My love for photography started at a young age, I always saw black & white photos around the house-(film) so since then my aim was to change the black & white to color- haha fantasies of a young and clueless boy.

I’ve found a way to use photography as a form of expression, the feeling and words that I can’t say are perfectly captured and framed so they don’t come back and hurt me.

Model/ stylist :@ _hadeez_

Photographer : @mason_mesatywa

Make-up Artist : Koketso Gomolemo