The Visitor

Set on Fire Island the Visitor plays with the concept of a beauty from another world who dreams of captivating and conquering in this one. For this shoot we located a really unique Geodome that reminded me of a spaceship. The entire shoot took place inside and outside of this structure.

I am a speaker, educator and published author (Body & Soul – “the boudoir bible” as many have called it). My work has been chosen by Joyce Tenneson for exhibition in an art gallery in Vermont. I’ve also been exhibited in NY and in the midwest. As for magazines, my images have also been featured/published in Digital Photo Pro, Dark Beauty Magazine, Carrie Leigh’s NUDE bw fine art magazine which is sadly no more, Professional Photographer Magazine, Philosophie, and in several other smaller local and international publications centered around fine art photography. As I grow bored with boudoir I am committing to shooting more creative editorial type stories such as The Visitor.


The model: Dani Cipolla is a former Fenton Moon model currently seeking new representation. I have shot her for several years now. She also happens to be the model featured in the Digital Photo Pro in which I was a final contender for a contest on Faces. I think she’s starting to get a complex that I keep shooting her as an alien. :D)

Equally important for this shoot was the stylist: Nikky Waters – owner of a high end lingerie boutique in swanky Woodbury Long Island. She is also a designer and tends to favor independent up & coming designers in her shop. She arrived with over $12,000 worth of lingerie. We had a great time shooting in Atelier Bordelle, Collette & Sebastian, Nevaeh Intimates, Cosabella and Dreamgirl.


Susan Eckert Instagram: @longislandboudoirphotography

Makeup / Hair
Kelly Stanger Instagram: @glammeupny

Nicole Waters Instagram: @thedangerouswoman


Black Thorn Mohawk: MissG Designs  @missgdesigns

Tree of Life: Bubbles and Frown @Bubblesandfrown

Alexandra D’Amato Instagram: @madisongreymedia

Dani Cipolla
(former Fenton Moon model) Instagram: @dani_cipolla