Skin and silence

Martin Navarro

The understanding of nature and the human figure has articulated two bodies full of beauty and mystery, the skin of the earth and the skin of humans, it is the visible face of an infinite world of emotions and thoughts, a world full of stories.

To get rid of clothes is to get rid of everything that temporarily and culturally places us to return and live without ornaments, our primary home, whether it is strong or weak, young or old.

During the photograph sessions, I have the feeling that I am looking through a window at a place without time, where I do not try to force things, I try to capture those fleeting instants where the model forgets about being naked, that instant where she connects intimately with the environment, that moment where she forgets time and shame, where you can subtly see everything that is not image nor word, the eternal.

BIO – Martin Navarro

Since my childhood, I have felt a great passion for drawing and nature, an attraction that became deeper in 2001 when I started to develop art works through oil painting, a technique that I still practice occasionally.Thanks to the development of this technique I discovered the beauty to behold the gradient of colors, light, perspective, tonal balance and harmony within shapes that give birth to landscapes and human figure.

Naturally, I took a step towards photography in which I found myself caught by the beauty of spontaneity and landscapes, little by little and without a clear intention, photography was embracing more in the creative part of my work. 

From 2010 to 2014, I studied in a Fine Arts academy, I was able to take up oil painting and study color, shape and composition, especially in the series “Imágenes Mentales”. From my opinion, creative work can be completely exciting, whether you are working in photography, design or fine arts, it is an instance where reality and dreams blend together creating awarness of your emotions and feelings in the development of new images. Needless to say, it requires to take these new ideas and generate the right questions that lead to a synthesize answer which will be reproduced on whatever format the artist is using.

Photographies realized in different places of Chile. 

Photographer : Martin Navarro

Assistant of lighting: Nataly Murua. 

Models : Barbara Silva , Francisca González,  Fernanda Madriaga,  Catalina Jorquera, Ingard Von Muhlenbrock .