Hervé Lewis

Hervé Lewis is born in the south of France. He has exhibited all over the world, and his work has been published in successful books and magazines, as well as several high-profile ad campaigns. He has been behind most of the very famous photographs of lingerie brand Aubade’s « Lessons of Seduction ». Self-taught French photographer and renowned physical trainer Herve Lewis specializes in images of the human body. His daring and revelatory photographs explore the gentle sensuality and strength of a woman’s body and are distinct in the way Herve portrays his models.


Hervé Lewis Lions Art Magazine


Who is Hervé Lewis?

 a Pirate

an Animal

Warrior of Truth

 a Passionate

Where do you call home? Paris

Are you self taught or schooled? Totally self taught.

How did you get into photography? After a dream one night.

How long have you been a photographer? Since 27 years.

Hervé Lewis Lions Art Magazine

As you look through the viewfinder, what is the most critical moment in the capture of your image? When I feel the magic of the girl and of the light.

How would you describe your style? Animal and Instinctive.

What do you think makes a truly memorable photo? The idea, the emotion and strength.

Do you have a muse or favorite model? Yes. An actress, singer and dancer, the elegant and unique Anna Stern.

Hervé Lewis Lions Art Magazine

We know that each of us has someone or something, which inspires our life and work. Can you tell us the true basis of your inspiration? The search of Truth and the real Meaning of Life.

What does fashion mean to you? A form of Art.

What’s the craziest/funniest thing that ever happened in one of your shoots? When I shot my Sumo serie with a real Sumo from Japan. His weight was around 500 pounds and he told me, after looking at the first picture : “Do what you want, you’re my master”.

What photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most? Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Edward Curtis

Hervé Lewis Lions Art Magazine

What has been your favorite photo location or session? My apartment with natural light.

What type of cameras do you shoot with? Nikon.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be? 85min 1.4.

Hervé Lewis Lions Art Magazine

What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera? Beautiful Lingerie.

How important is Photoshop in your final images? The less important as possible.

How important is a website and social media for your business? It allows to share your work with more people.

Hervé Lewis Lions Art Magazine

Do you play music whilst shooting? If so, what are you playing right now? Yes, I love to put music. Folk, blues, The Beatles, The Eagles, Neil Young, etc.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue photography? Listen to the sound of your heart and the music of your soul.

What lies ahead for you? I don’t forget that eternity is within the moment but hopefully Love…

Thank you Hervè

Hervé Lewis Lions Art Magazine

Please visit: www.hervelewis.com

Herve LewisHerve Lewis

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