Stefan Imielski “NUDE IN NATURE”

Stefan Imielski published his new Book “NUDE IN NATURE”

453 pages full of amazing photographs of beautiful women from all over the world.

NUDE IN NATURE Book by Stefan Imielski

The NUDE IN NATURE limited edition art piece, is a sublime collection, featuring nude photographs of 23 of the world’s most stunning models, captured by famed photographer Stefan Imielski. The pictures of this Tablebook were shot at the wonderful island of Cyprus, Mallorca, Ibiza and Cape Town. The beautiful locations provided a stunning landscape to create photographs that are immediately captivating, with an innocence and purity that can only be found in nature.

Additional information:


453 pages

All pictures in color

240 x 330 mm

ISBN: 978-3-00-057827-4

NUDE IN NATURE Book by Stefan Imielski
Raica Oliveira (Brasil), Anastasia Bondarenko (Ukraine), Sabrina Rathje (Denmark), Sissel Grubbe (Denmark), Alicija Ruchala(Poland), Sylwia Dorenda (Poland), Domenika Krcmarikova (Slovakia), Jasmin Soe (Denmark), Olga de Mar (Latvia), Senta Schnabl (Germany), Maryon Bertrand(French), Moe Brandi (Denmark), Leeny Ivanisvili (Estland), Alys Hale (England), Lada Kravchenko (Russia), Julia Välimäki (Finland), Olga Shukurenko (Russia), Marike Wessels (South Africa), Paulina Cybulska (Poland), Sarah Kali (French), Janeta Samp (Poland), Tina Lozovskaya (Russia), Katrine Riggelsen (Denmark).
NUDE IN NATURE Book by Stefan Imielski
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