Desert Beauty

Desert Beauty by Margarita Kalmikova

Margarita Kalmikova is German photographer with Russian roots currently living in Arizona, US. With her unique eye she strives to capture the natural beauty of anyone that happens to be in front of her lens. She is constantly exploring remote landscapes and natural formations and traveling around the globe. This Nude Art series shot in the desert of Southern Arizona is a special project, as it was the first time she had the chance to combine the two spheres she is the most interested in photographing: nature and the human form. In the surreal landscape of a dry waterfall after a desert storm has finally settled the human body is exploring and mirroring the natural flowing forms and emerging in the unusual surroundings.

Lillian H. is an american portrait and nude art model of German descent that grew up in Southern Arizona.


Margarita Kalmikova


Margarita Kalmikova is German photographer Margarita Kalmikova is German photographer


Margarita Kalmikova

Instagram: @margaritakalmikova



Lillian H.

Instagram: @modelvivianh


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