Waterfall Stories

diana neege

Diana Neege

Diana Neege photographer

Diana Neege


“The Photos are about getting your soul cleaned. Starting with the red body, the color changes and get more into a light blue (like water) and then she´s naked and get those white colors on her body, (just like the water that falls down and floats away) its like a ritual to become one with the water to wash away the past and to start over with a new self.

The waterfall is in germany, near to Recklinghausen, where we live. I spotted it 2 months ago and its hidden in a forest.

Siri is a fashion design student and a hobby model. She is great in front of the camera and was super excited to shoot at this wonderful place, even if its really cold in germany, she was standing unter the water as if we have summer here.

I started taking photos in 2007 when I was 16 and I love it with all my heart. After I became a mother, I took a long break in my “career” and since April this year, I´m back. This is the first editorial, we make and we hope you enjoy and like it a lot :-)”

Diana Neege



Model: Siri @sirimjrn