Rose water but no roses

Annick Meijer:

“In the series I am aiming for purity. Changing her insecurity into confidence, while she is walking around in lingerie. Find yourself, find purity.

As a photographer I am always looking for purity. Be pure, feel pure, get purity, is what I think. When I’m pure and I feel pure, I will get purity out of a model. Vibrations that are equally vibrating to each other on a same level.

Fleur asked me to capture her as she’s comfortable in her beautiful body. At the moment she’s based in London. We shot this series end of September, one of her last days in The Netherlands.”


Photographer: Annick Meijer /  @annick_meijer /

Model: Fleur /  @fleurfabienne / represented by Models1 UK /  @model1curve


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