Texas Transplant

Macy Chanel recently moved to Los Angeles from her native Texas to continue to pursue

modeling not long ago, so I approached her about doing a shoot at a cute downtown LA apartment with

beautiful afternoon light. So Macy, our makeup artist Susie and I settled in for an afternoon of shooting

in the light streaming in through the huge windows in the apartment.

I’m a photographer from the pre-digital film days, mostly shooting landscape work while living in the

Sierras. About five years ago I moved closer to LA, changed genres and started doing fashion and

conceptual art work with models, shooting in studios and compelling locations throughout Southern

California and occasionally internationally.

Photographer & Stylist: Kevin Weinert

IG: @kevwphoto

Model: Macy Chanel


IG: @macychanelmay

Hair and Makeup Artist: Susana Salazar

IG: @mua.susie


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