Beautiful Aline was born and raised in Germany. Aline began her modeling career only a year ago which took her to many travels around the world and she already graced numerous campaigns and magazine publications like MAXIM Australia and FHM UK.



Where did you grow up?

In the former German capital Bonn, a pretty small town in West Germany

What inspired you to get into this industry?

A coincidence! A friend of mine knew a photographer that introduced me to an agency….

Describe yourself in a few words

Cheerful, happy, ambitious, reliable, always on time…

Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram!!! I‘m not really a big fb fan

Who is your favorite designer?

That really depends on what we are looking on… I am a shopaholic and my favorites change quite often.

model germany

Bikini or Monokini?


Champagne or Gin Tonic?

Both? 😉 No,… I think I would rather go for a glass of wine

Whats your favorite desert?

I guess white-chocolate cheesecake

Heels or flats?


Do you have a beauty secret?

I wish I had one!!! I guess drinking lots of water and not eating anything deep-fried or fat-dripping usually helps.


Do you work out?

I love to work out! I really lifts my spirits and it is the only way to get a really nice booty 😉

Which has been your most memorable shooting?

I had a shooting with two cheetahs for a book project in Cape Town. It has been such an amazing experience.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Food! I just love to eat… and I really have a hard time to stop me from eating all day long.

What do you find sexy in a man?

Well.. besides a good sense of humor, a confident and grounded attitude and a nice smile, I am really into nice and masculine hands… oh and a nice body would not hurt 😉


Are you a party person?

Not really… or I would not consider myself as a party person. I enjoy going out every once in a while but I can easily stay at home, cook and just watch a movie

What is your sign?


Who is your secret crush?

I don‘t have one at the moment…  but usually my secret crushes are kind of weird so I rather won‘t tell you.

Would you rather like to be a guess girl or shoot for sports illustrated?

Both isn‘t an option?? That is such a mean question… But if I really had to decide I would go for sports illustrated and pray that the Guess people will purchase the magazine :-)))


What is your favorite holiday destination?

That really depends on what I would like to do… I love New York and Paris. But if you are looking for a romantic getaway I would go for the maldives or the South of France.

If you could choose one super power, which one would it be?

Being invisible… I guess that could be a lot of fun.

Did you always wanted to become a model?

No I wanted to become a singer, a veterinary and a few other things

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

14/15?? I don‘t really remember

Which of the „Big 5“ models is your favorite?

Christy Turlington… even though Naomi‘s catwalk attitude is unbeatable!


What are you thankful for?

My family, my friends, my beautiful relationship with my boy friend, being healthy, living in peace… really a lot of things.

Who would you like to be for one day?

Beyonce Knowles would be cool… I think she is one of the few icons of my generation.

Do you have a fashion icon?

No not really.

Whats your favorite instagram account?

I am the worst instagram stalker… I am following about 600 accounts of models and photographers, impossible to pick one!!

Are you a morning person?

Yes!! I love being up early!


What is your biggest fear?

Besides the same fears that bother all of us, I have an irrational fear of harvestman..

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

That is a really good question…. I guess around 40?

Who is your role model?

My mother, she is just such a beautiful, strong and inspiring person

Which 3 survival essentials will we always find in your purse?

My phone (and probably the battery is dying), a lipgloss and if it is a casting day a bottle of water and some snacks

Do you have a life motto?

You only regrets the things you didn‘t do.


What do you get complimented on the most?

Puh… I guess that would be my skin. Make up artist always love my skin 😀 Sounds strange but that is the first thing that crosses my mind.

What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Be careful what you wish for… no, just kidding! Find yourself an agency that really supports you and that might not be the biggest or most famous one, but one that really sees potential.

Who are some of your favorite photographers? 

There are so many talented photographers I admire….Peter Rosa, Alessandra Fiorini, Marc Collins, Megan Claire …..

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

Yes, I think I have become for confident, I have learned to not take everything personal and I have definitely improved my frustration tolerance.

What are your goals as a model? 

I would love to be a guess girl, because I love their visual style. But I guess that is not a very modest wish, so let‘s see.

Batman or Superman?

Batman!!! No doubt on that one!


Model Germany

Name:  Aline Cara Luna

Age:  24

Location:  Berlin

Agency:  Major Models Milan

Instagram:  @alinecaraluna