»Sublime« by Simon Bolz

Coffee Table Book »Sublime« by Simon Bolz

After the success of his first coffee table book »Frisky« (2014), Bolz decided to create a new book. He worked on the motives for fours years and none of the images has been published before. Keeping everything secret was quite a challenge as nowadays people are used to seeing content on social media more or less in real time.

An ode to women

Simon Bolz produces pictorials in which he celebrates the beauty and appeal of women. His photographs invite you to dream, take you on a visual journey that gets you into the holiday mood. His pictures are scented with suntanned skin and tell tales of freedom.

On his trips, the 42 year old photographer takes you from Riga to Chuchurumbache. He gives a glimpse into private apartments, goes diving in the Mediterranean Sea, undertakes a roadtrip in a DeLorean, goes on a horse ride and many more adventures – all with beautiful young women.

Whether informal and self-confident or innocent and shy, the 23 girls in »Sublime« present themselves from their most beautiful side. The photographer from Frankfurt succeeds in finding magic moments and capturing those for us.

The artist himself always remains in the background. “I used to think my sensitivity is a weakness. But I have discovered that you need to be sensitive to capture sensual photographs.”

Nudity as a matter of course

Bolz feels that the age of information overload and the ever faster media consumption overstretches ourselves. Slowing down and taking time to browse pictures on paper is a trend that he likes to return. When you begin to look into »Sublime«, the complex and exhausting time we live in fades into the background.

It’s all about aesthetics. Bolz masters to balance entertainment with erotic tension without ever being vulgar. Nudity becomes a matter of course.

The title »Sublime« sums up the 208 pages of the book: breath-taking and jaw-dropping.

About the photographer

Simon Bolz (born 1976) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt in 2002. Since 2012 he produces pictorials for magazines such as Playboy, Men’s Health, Matador and various calendar publishers. “Curiosity and good taste are the ingredients of my work”, is the credo of the photographer from Frankfurt.

  • Large size photo book: 24.5 x 33.5 cm (9.6” x 13.2”)
  • 208 pages, special coated art paper (170g/sqm), silk mat
  • Hardcover, coated with mat cellophane, partially treated with UV varnish
  • High-quality stitched binding
  • 164 pictures in color and 15 black & white images
  • Genre: Aesthetical nude and glamour photography
  • Limited edition of 1,200 copies
  • Price: 57.90 € plus shipping
  • Available here:  www.simonbolz.com

Simon’s making of video: