As the light shifts and rolls

Clouds float,

Filtering the rays of the sun.

Through windows, there is warmth

Velvet skin,

Her limbs soaking up the bright.

Sweet air fills the space

She inhales,

As the morning arrives.



My name is Laurel Guido and I am a twenty two year old photographer based in Chicago. Through photography, I realized that I could create a space in my mind that transcends this world and rivals the storybooks that I was so passionate about as a child. My desire is to bring this imagination and fantasy to others, while carrying my own dreamworld into real life. Through 35mm, Polaroid, and experimental analog film processes, I am able to build the ethereal places that reside deep within my imagination.

This project is entitled Tenderhearted inspired by my model and lovely friend, Audrey. Audrey Simper is also photographer living in Chicago, IL. Only a few miles from my apartment in the city, we shot at her friend’s apartment while the sun rose and fell in and out from behind the clouds. Using 35mm film and the light that filtered into the room, I was able to capture the purity and softness I saw from behind the lens. Included is the prose I wrote inspired by this shoot and its very essence.

Photographer: Laurel Guido website

Model: Audrey Simper  website