Sweater Weather

I headed up to Seattle Washington to see if what they say is true; Does it rain all day and all night? The answer is YES. However, there is something peaceful in the overcast drizzly city. It’s quiet, it’s temperature cool, and it’s people are warm and friendly.

I am a photographer based in Los Angeles that loves my city, but I seek to experience how different cities have their own ideas for fashion, and overall moods for what is beautiful. When I first met model Ireland Rose, I sensed a gentle innocense within the fearless exterior. She was quiet, and her eyes peaceful, much like her city, but above all, she held an inner strength that she knew could never be taken from her.

Shoot Location: Downtown Seattle Washington USA

Photographer: Mark C Hanson www.mhansonphoto.com @mark_c_hanson

Model: Ireland Rose @queen_purr_erotica


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