Secret Places

Helena Gomes photographed by Detlef Honigstein in Cape Town

I met lovely Helena Gomes in Capetown, South Africa this season. We decided to shoot at a secret beach, one of my favorite places close to town. I go there when I want to be alone.. and naked.. hahah.,, a little wild and rough, not the typical white sand scenario.

Helena is a goddess, funny, a shining personality and it was the easiest thing to shoot her, such a pro! usually I`m shooting dressed people, but I always wanted to give this “bikini” shoot thing a try,so I was lucky to work with her. 

I am a photographer from Berlin, escaping the wintertime in beautiful South Africa. My passion is to shoot film, all my work is shot in 35mm or medium format film. I can`t help it! for me it’s the real thing. It allows me to trust into the moment,  can`t check if the pose, the look or the bikini was right, I feel it when i got the shot! Helena was shot on 3 filmrolls,,that means its all done within 105 shot. I love to use this medium so much as it gives me already a look, thatI don`t need to photoshop at all. working in capetownian light with a black and white film is pure magic, contrasts and corn, its all perfection, nowhere else in the world I could take this picture. the light is really special to me, I prefer daylight, good makeup and for sure some good pieces and an amazing Model. Helena wears a colorful bikini from Andrea Iyamah, Canada and a black piece from one of my favorite fetish labels from Berlin.

Helena Gomes bikini model

Helena Gomes bikini model

helena Gomes

Model: Helena Gomes


Photographer: Detlef Honigstein


Hair&makeup: Patricia Piatke


Styling: Double Studio Berlin


Swimwear: colorful bikini @andreaiyamah

black piece @dstm_


lions art magazine issue 18
Lions art magazine issue 18