Cycladic Summer

Max Libertine – The Cycladic Summer editorial was shot near the Cycladic Island Paros in Greece on a beautiful Beneteau sailing yacht owned by my Kiwi friend Phil, My muse Barbarita Homs and I met him the day before to shoot for one of my “Brand Experiences” swimwear clients. After a short night and an early start everything fell into place. We had such a great and relaxed time. Work was fun and done easy and so we had time to spend for half of the shoot day we were tanning, swimming and just enjoying the ocean breeze on the yacht. We had a great connection and Barbarita and I decided to capture this vibe with a semi-nude editorial. I love sailing and island hopping in Greece. Here I made some of my best memories. 

Cycladic Summer Max Libertine Max Libertine   Max Libertine Max Libertine

MAX LIBERTINE is a swimwear, lingerie and lifestyle photographer based in Dresden, Germany.

Max’s artistic work is dedicated to stories of travel adventures, self-discovery and –awareness, and admitting to a sensual existence. Max is a believer in available light photography and working with a small and trusted crew, to create intimate and authentic images that draw the attention to his protagonists. With his swimwear and lingerie work he creates and supports images of strong, independent and confident women. While joyfully celebrating female beauty and sensuality, he advocates an authentic body images and clearly distances himself from unrealistic digital body alterations and objectifying women.

Photographer MAX LIBERTINE:


Model Barbarita Homs: