Wild beauty of Florida






Qui'yona: @q-salmonSamuel & Virginiesvphotograph

We chatted with local Models for months, it was our first time in Florida, so all is always more complicated.

When we arrived in Miami, we didn’t find any Models.

I saw the Instagram of Quiyona a few hours before the shoot and I contacted her, like “what’s about a nude-art shoot tomorrow”.

She never shot for nude-art, but she saw our work and loved it.

The day after, early morning we were front to our door in Tampa.

We check the place before the night the day before.

We are both Awards Winning Photographers and main shooters. Born in France, we left 7 years about to work from our passion for Photography (we were hobbyists before that). After two years in New-Zealand and our first publications, we arrived in French Polynesia, where we worked for four years as a wedding and boudoir Photographers.

Our logic is to propose both activities all the time. Boudoir is really more and more popular, we propose that as a solo (man and woman) and as a couple… inside (Resorts or customers home) or into the wild.

Quiyona Model more and more. She learns really fast and has a great understanding of Photography, Art and managing. We really hope to work again soon with her.

Credits: Front Management: www.frontmanagement.com @frontmanagement Miami

Qui’yona: @q-salmon

Samuel & Virginie

svphotograph: www.svphotograph.com