“I was born in Sibiria in Russia and since 1996 I live in Germany. I grow up in Berlin and my 20 year old brother taught me analogue photography  – he is an artist and photographer. It became my hobby and I started to experiment with digital cameras when I was about 15. Later I learned editing and kept on going taking pictures. I love to edit pictures in analogue and vintage style with modern elements.  My other interest is modeling, mostly nude. One day I had the idea of combining both and start some experiments with my cam, tripod and a remote control – the result is what you see on your display 🙂 That kind of photography makes me completely independent – I can decide completely how to pose and how to shoot. This nude art editorial was photographed on Mallorca.”

Photo: Ekaterina Zaydel



Model: Kati “Babylol”


Lions magazine nude art magazine print issue

 Lions magazine Nude Art Magazine