Muse from my dreams

Ana Tomouanu

Ana Tomouanu

Ana Tomouanu


We are Gabi & Alice, both photographers from Romania (Alice is also a retoucher) and together we are QLT Studio 2. It is a small photo studio located in the heart of Bucharest. We are mainly focused on boudoir & nude photography and our aim is to depict the beauty of the human body.

Ana is one of our most beloved models, her raw beauty is the perfect canvas to build an artistic nude project. In this project we wanted to capture her hidden emotions using a not so see-through window. She is not only a very good looking model, but also very proactive in shaping a new shooting project. It was her idea to use a plastic sheet and some water drops in our shoot, so we came up with the colored gels and the painted window to made the scene complete,


Gabi Gogiu


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