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Your Premium Nude Photography Magazine is a tribute to amazing models, talented photographers and artists. is an online and print magazine focussing on stunning and artistic photography of beautiful women. LIONS showcases a large variety of fine art nude photography, swimwear and lingerie editorials. Discover the world of LIONS now.

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Do you love artistic nude art photography? We are addicted! Lions Magazine presents inspiring nude-art-photography, swimwear photos and lingerie shots of beautiful girls from all over the world.

Surely, you will get addicted too. In each issue of our nude art magazine we showcast the sexiest models and creative nude art photographers – every picture is hand-selected. Just order your favorite issue of our nude photography magazine and be amazed by stunning nude models and an evergrowing incredible collection of artistic nude photography.

If you get off on professional high-quality photographs of beautiful girls posing seductively in all their glory, then you will definitely enjoy our nude art magazine. We present lovely nude model sets in beautiful scenes all for your viewing enjoyment.

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Every edition of LIONS – the Premium Nude Photograpy Magazine is available printed on high quality paper as well as digital edition. Our magazine features creative photography of beautiful women, a visual experience and tribute to amazing models, photographers and artists.

Lovely young women posing in a variety of glamorous, nude art scenes for your viewing pleasure. The magazine features the work of many taleted artists. Be inspired by natural beauties in sensual poses and spectacular locations.


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When LIONS magazine was founded in 2015 its vision was to create a platform for ambitious photographers and models to showcase their work. From the beginning it was intended not only to be an online platform, but also to print the editorials in a high-quality magazine. 

Through the common habit of only regarding intangible screen images, the sense for contemplating printed and physical pictures has escaped the viewer’s notice. Decreasing attention spans and inflationary confrontation with countless images everyday has also decreased the appreciation and respect for the work of every artist. Due to this and a shrinking number of glamour and nude art photography magazines, many photographers and artists are searching unsuccessfully for publication. 

Over the past years, hundreds of editorials have been published and with “Lions – The Book“ now the most talented photographers and outstanding images were collected into a coffee table book. 

In taking a photography, we freeze a moment that reveals to us how rich reality truly is. At this point I would like to express my personal thanks to all the models, photographers, make-up air, stylists and creatives that joined our journey and shared our vision.



Features & Details
Magazine: 112 Pages
Category: Fine Art Photography
Size US: Letter, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm
Publish Date: January 04, 2019
Language: English
Available as:
(printed on demand // high quality premium paper)
(Viewable on any device)
(for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers)



Contributing photographers:

Adam Mont, Alejandro Pereira, Alex Rosenkreuz, Alexander-M. Herman, Andre Schneider, Angel Vargas, Bartlomiej Kurela, Carlos Contreras, Céline Andrea , Christopher Sewell, Cooper Norland, Douglas Mott, Emily Abay, Erwin Loewen, Francois Pistorius, Igor Gentili, Ilya Bukowski, J. Tuliniemi, Jean-Francois Verganti, Joel London Tape, Jorge Duva, Kenn Perry, Leandro Enne, Marc Collins, Marcel Indik, Marcel Kultscher, Marijo Cobretti, Mario Barberio, Mark Sullivan-Bradley, Martin Strauss ,Martin Wieland, Matthew Ciminero ,Nick Stokes, Nicolas Larrière, Nigel Pacquette, Patrick Roux, Rainer Suck, Robert Spakovskij, Ryan Pike, Sagar Manjarres, Sean Riva, Stefan Imielski, Sylvio Testa, Tony Ellis, Vaughan Treyvellan, Yann Malotti.

Featured models:

Alejandra Cata,Alexandra Zimny, Alexia Conova, Aline Cara Luna, Allie Leggett, Ana Moya, Anastasia Grik, Andja Lorein, Aniko  Michnyaova, Beki Adams, Bre DeWitt, Brittney Brock, Carime Bitar, Courtney Smith, Destene M, Diana Bouchardet, Dominique Beneli Lamon, Elen Dali, Eli Zaza, Eliya Ca, Elyse Knowles , Emily Ann Hilton, Erika Albonetti, Eva Padlock , Fabiane Massola, Fernanda Souza, Francesca, Galina Fedorova, Heather Depriest, Heather Maria Ramos , Imena de Barros, Janina Reis, Jessica Wall, Joséphine Lecar, Lindsay Hancock, Maria Klepchenko, Naomi Nash, Natalia Chamorro, Nathalie Edenburg, Nicolart, Nicole Baker , Noelia Fonseca, Olga De Mar, Olga Popova, Pauline Baly, Rachel Cook, Simona Starkute, Sophie Totzauer, Susanna Canzian, Svetlana Gembar, Tessa, Vanessa Villegras, Viktoria Yarova.

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